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Pioneering serial production for satellites


OneWeb Satellites factories are based in Toulouse (France) and Merritt Island, Exploration Park (Florida, USA).
The assembly line is made of 4 modules where the different parts of the Satellites are assembled and tested.
These module are then assembled and tested on the Final Assembly Line to deliver a tested and completed satellite.
The satellites are also prepared for a fast installation on the dispenser at the Launch site.


Most of the processes are fully automated. The operators work on the station and are led and controlled by the supervision system.


Automated Inspection controls embedded in the manufacturing processes​​.


All of the equipment is connected to a unique supervision system and connected as well as to our MES (Manufacturing Execution File). All operations are tracked, recorded and checked. COMPLETELY PAPERLESS FACTORY !!!


Use of many “new” technologies : smart-tools, geolocalisation, Automatic Guided Vehicles, Smart inspection cameras, Cobots, full automatic test setups and automatic test operations, BIG DATA and deep learning on test results.​

These modules are then assembled and tested on the Final assembly line to deliver a tested and completed satellite.

Takt time < 8 hours per station
Capacity : 2 satellites / day


The Toulouse Final Assembly Line (FAL) allowed the start of the Satellites mass production in series.

Thanks to this factory, we validated our FAL, our processes and, finally, our Satellite design.

We provided the world premiere satellite assembly line.

The factory never stops and will be used to build our next generation of satellites.

Toulouse factory validated our fal & processes
Toulouse factory validated our satellite design


We are the first to provide a serial production line for satellites

Our new manufacturing facility in Merritt Island, Exploration Park (Florida, USA) is ready for mass production.

The manufacturing integration areas are compliant to ISO 8 Class 100,000 requirements.

We have hired  the best manufacturing operators and we are READY for a satellites Mass Production…
We are busy commissioning with actual flight hardware.

ISO 8 Clean Room - 46 000 ft² or 4 300 m²
Production capacity = UP TO 15 SATELLITES PER WEEK