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OneWeb Satellites is building the world’s first state-of-the-art, high-volume satellite manufacturing facility on NASA property in Exploration Park, Florida. Currently, we’re in the Satellite Design Phase, which is happening in Toulouse, France but we’re preparing the Production Phase in Toulouse and in Florida and offering jobs for both phases. At OneWeb Satellites, we’re fostering a collaborative team environment that rewards creative solutions to hard problems. Come join the team revolutionizing the satellite industry !

“Index Egalité Femmes-Hommes :

Airbus OneWeb Satellites SAS a obtenu le score de 86/100 au 1er mars 2020. Ce score est fondé sur quatre indicateurs : les rémunérations moyennes des femmes et des hommes au sein de l’entreprise, le pourcentage d’hommes et de femmes qui ont perçus une augmentation dans l’année, les augmentations pendant les congés maternités et le nombre de femmes parmi les dix plus hauts salaires.

Gender Diversity Index :

Airbus OneWeb Satellites SAS (French entity in Toulouse) archived the score of 86/100 as of March 1st 2020. This score is based on 4 metrics: average salary between men and women, percentage of men and women who were promoted during the year, salary increase after maternity leave and number of women in the 10 highest salaries. “

If you have not found the right vacancy for you, don’t worry, there might be opportunities in the future.

Please send your resume and a short cover letter to